SAEON produces five newsletters a year, letting scientists and citizens know what they are achieving. Visit the eNewsletter site for all articles. Below is a list of articles relating to the Grasslands-Forests-Wetlands Node.

Grasslands-Forests-Wetlands eNewsletters

2017, April - Studying spatio-temporal footprints of herbivory in the Drakensberg
2017, February - Harnessing cosmic-ray technology to map soil moisture
2017, February - Investigating historical ecological and land-use patterns as a basis for agro-forestry

2016, February


Cosmic-Ray probe at Cathedral Peak provides important validation data for flood forecasting model

2015, December -

Into the melting pot

2015, August -

SAEON installs high-altitude automated weather station in SA’s most critical water catchment

2015, June -

Nicole Hagenah - exploring the impact of global change on vegetation dynamics

2015, June - Meet SAEON's new technician - Kent Lawrence

2015, June


Baptism of fire

2014, December


Midmar Dam clean-up: baseline for monitoring of litter input into water reservoirs

2014, December


Lake St Lucia system, iSimangaliso Wetland Park: A laboratory for understanding cumulative global change impacts?

2014, June


SAEON pays tribute to Peter Timm

2014, June


Today's data for tomorrow's future: Partnerships add value to the Cathedral Peak long-term observation platform

2014, April


How did grasslands respond to fire treatments in the Cathedral Peak catchments?

2013, June -

Meet the team

2013, December -

SAEON's Cathedral Peak monitoring platform: from clipboards to cosmic ray probes

2012, June -

Action on the hill: Working towards the Cathedral Peak research catchments as a sentinel site for SAEON

2011, August -

Mass movement, climate change and water delivery: Implications for monitoring programmes

2008, July -

New environmental research platform established for grasslands, wetlands and forests


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